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FAQ on NY Taxes and Filing Rules

Are My Social Security Benefits Taxed?

Are there any Tax Breaks for Working Parents?

Are There Any Tax Breaks If I'm Supporting A Relative?

Can a Retirement Plan Offer Tax Savings?

Can I File a Refund Claim for Business Losses?

Can I Request Copies of Taxes Filed from Identity Theft?

Do I need to File Taxes for Health Insurance Credits?

Do I Need to Report Household Employee Wages?

Do I Need to Report my Foreign Assets?

Does Marital Status Affect Tax Filing?

How Do I Get an Extension on my Taxes?

Should I Itemize or Take the Standard Deduction?

What Are Capital Gains and Assets?

What are the Filing Requirements for Families with Children?

What are the Tax Requirements for Gifts I've Given?

What Deductions are Available for Families with Children?

What Deductions are Available for Homeowners?

What Do I Withhold for Payroll Tax?

What Income Sources are Non-taxable?

What is the Current AMT Tax Exemption? (Alternative Minimum Taxes)

What is the Deadline for Filing 1099 Forms?

What is the Deadline for IRA Distribution?

What is the Maximum Retirement Plan Contribution?

What's the Cutoff for IRA Contributions?

When Should I Update My W-4 Form?

Will I Owe an Underpayment Penalty?

Will My Tax Filing Change if I have Over 50 Employees?


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