W2 Form: This is the one from any employer that you worked for last year. This should be postmarked or available for download by Jan 31st.  No, we can't tell you if you have them all…

1098 Form: From your mortgage or home equity company. Reports your interest paid on your loan. This may also report any Mortgage Insurance Premiums. They may not always be deductible though. This form may also have your escrowed property taxes reported, but not always.

1099-A: If you have had a property foreclosed. The "A" stands for abandoned.

1099-B: From your investment company, shows the sales or exchanges of stock, mutual funds or bonds. This form is not due to be released until February 15th, and some firms are notorious for sending several amended forms right up thru April 15th.

1099-C: Cancellation of Debt on credit cards, loans and sometimes mortgages.

1099-Div: Reports dividends, capital gain distributions and foreign tax paid. You can find the release date of most of these forms on your brokerage website.  They may be as late as the end of February, so beware.

1099-G: Reports payments by a government agency, like your Unemployment benefits or State Tax Refunds from the prior year.

1099-INT: From your bank or investment company, reporting any interest that you earned during the year.  If under $10, you probably won't receive a form.

1099-K: A new form in 2012 that reports payment you received by a third-party payment processor. This can be your merchant service provider, Square, Intuit and even Paypal.

1099-MISC:  This is a multi-use form that reports Rents, Prizes, Self-Employed Payments, Spiffs, Medical Provider Payments and other miscellaneous payments. There are many treatments to this kind of income, so please be sure to bring this form to our attention as well as any expenses yu may have to offset this income.

1099-Q: Reports distributions from a qualified 529 Plan. May not be taxable, but has to be reported properly anyway.

1099-R: Reports income from a retirement plan, life insurance policy, or annuity.

1099-SA: Reports a distribution from a Health Savings Account, again may not be taxable but still have to report it.

So there is the ABC's of forms to look for over the next few weeks!