With a tax code that is constantly changing, it is important to work with a business tax specialist who is current, proactive and up-to-date on tax laws and changes that affect you.  At Flower City Tax, we offer a myriad of non-payroll tax services for business and professional organizations.

  • Personal Income Tax
  • Charity and Non-for-Profit
  • Sales Tax
  • Corporation & Partnership taxes
  • Fiduciary and Trusts

Business Tax Due Dates for calendar year filers:

  • Mar 15  Corporate Returns or extension (Forms 1120, both C and S Corps)
  • Apr 15  Partnership Returns or extension (Form 1065)
  • Apr 15  Fiduciary/Trust Returns or extension (Form 1041)
  • May 15  Non-Profit Organization Returns or extension(Form 990)
  • Aug 15  Additional extension
  • Sep 15  Last day to file if on extension
  • Oct 15  Last date to file if on extension
  • Nov 15  Last day to file if on extension
  • Election to be treated as an S-Corp (Form 2553) - 75 days after incorporation date or election date