Business Tax

Running a thriving business does not come without its fair share of tax obligations.  And it makes no difference whether you've been in business for twenty years or twenty days; it is imperative that your business tax advisor has the experience and insight to manage your financial success.

Trusted Tax Advisors for Rochester NY Businesses

With a tax code that is constantly changing, it's important to work with a business tax specialist who is current, proactive and up-to-date on tax laws and changes that affect you.  At Flower City Tax in Rochester, we offer a myriad of non-payroll tax services for business and professional organizations.

  • Personal Income Tax
  • Corporation and Partnership Taxes
  • Charity and Not-For-Profit
  • Fiduciary and Trusts
  • Sales Tax

If your company is to not only survive, but thrive amongst its competition, it is vital that you steer clear of inexperienced, unqualified, national franchised or morally-questionable tax advisors.  If you're looking for an honest, transparent and highly-reputable business tax accountant, Flower City Tax offers a refreshingly-dedicated, local and more affordable alternative to high-priced accounting firms.

Business Tax Due Dates - Calendar year filers:

  • Corporate Returns or extension (Forms 1120, both C and S Corps)> March 15th
  • Last day to file if on extension > September 15th
  • Partnership Returns or extension (Form 1065) > April 15th
  • Last date to file if on extension > Oct 15th
  • Fiduciary/Trust Returns or extension (Form 1041) > April 15th
  • Last date to file if on extension > Oct 15th
  • Non-Profit Organization Returns or extension(Form 990) > May 15th
  • Additional extension > August 15th
  • Last day to file if on extension > Nov 15th
  • Election to be treated as an S-Corp (Form 2553) > 75 days after incorporation date or election date

Personal Estimated Taxes Due

  • Jan - March > April 15th
  • April & May > June 15th
  • June - August > Sept 15th
  • Sept - December > Dec 15th

NYS Sales Tax Due:

Annual Filers:

  • March 1 - February 28/29 > March 20th

Quarterly Filers:

  • March -May  > June 20th
  • June - August > Sept 20th
  • Sept - November > Dec 20th
  • Dec - February > March 20th

There are no extensions available for Sales Tax

Monthly Filers: The 20th of the following month.

Payroll Quarterly Reporting: Forms 941 and NYS-45

  • Jan - March > April 30th
  • April - June > July 31st
  • July - September > October 31st
  • October - December > January 31st

Annual Form 944> January 31st

W2 Forms mailed to employees > January 31st

W2 Forms electronically submitted to SSA > April 1st

Forms 1099 for contract or casual labor > January 31st