Payroll Services

Flower City Payroll Solutions, Inc. 
When you have payroll problems... you need Payroll Solutions! 

Flower City Payroll SolutionsFlower City Payroll Solutions, Inc relieves you from the tangles associated with payroll, and frees you to deal directly with goals that make your business grow. We provide a cost-saving solution for businesses struggling with their own payroll processing. We can process your company's payroll with accuracy, speed and confidentiality. If you are currently using another payroll service, just compare our costs to theirs. Many of the services that we include in our base price, are "extras" to many other payroll firms.

We never charge a postage and handling fee!

Standard Payroll Processing Services

Payroll is sent to us by phone, fax, email - or log into your Payroll Portal for a DIY payroll enry system. We process your data, print checks and reports, and send them via mail or email. If we receive your information by 12:00pm (EST), your payroll is processed the same day.

Choose our "Go Green Processing" and all your payroll reporting is emailed to you, all your employees receive direct deposit and their pay-stubs are avalable for viewing and download. Get FREE Direct Deposits as long as you remain totally paperless! Fast, easy and safe! 

All standard quarterly and annual tax reports are included in our base price!!

Each payroll cycle includes:

  • Laser Printed Payroll Checks 
  • Payroll Summary Journal
  • Tax Liability Report
  • Check Register
  • Direct Deposit
  • Electronic Federal and NYS tax deposits

Optional Services

  • Envelope Stuffing
  • Custom Reports
  • Job Costing and Certified Payroll Reports
  • Disability & Workman's Comp Insurance Reporting
  • Don't See What You Need - Just Ask, We're Here to Help!

If you're among the few and brave who still do manual payroll entry, we salute your perseverance.  At the same time, we can’t help but wonder, "why?"  Was your initial introduction to payroll outsourcing a negative one?  Have you been pressured or let down in the past?  Or are you simply concerned of the changes it might bring to your operations?

A Trusted Leader for Rochester NY Payroll Services

At Flower City Tax, we've helped hundreds of local businesses better manage their company’s payroll, using a wide variety of proven strategies. 

  • Leading-Edge Payroll Software Ensures Flawless Bookkeeping
  • Payroll Outsourcing is More Affordable than Many Assume
  • Over Three Decades of Payroll Processing Experience in Rochester
  • Customized Payroll Options Available

The technology used to process and manage a company's payroll, has evolved remarkably in just the past decade.  Moreover, ongoing friendly competition within the payroll technology and processing industries, has paved the way for innovative advances in software and process.

What Makes Our Payroll Services the Best in Rochester?

Flexible Options

Just as no two businesses are the same, the same can be said of a company's payroll needs.  At Flower City, we give you the freedom to customize your payroll service options.  Whether you're looking for full-service payroll processing, or something as simple as records, payroll taxes, or employee timecard management, we can tailor a plan that is as unique as your business.

Guaranteed Support

We know that letting go of old ways of doing payroll can be bittersweet.  That's why we work with you, and for you, helping you fully-utilize the wide-ranging advantages of professional payroll services.  And should you ever need help, we're down the street or a phone call away.  


A cookie-cutter payroll plan is no way for an emerging business to flourish.  Sadly, that's what many businesses end up with, in light of their limited accounting & bookkeeping budgets.  At Flower City Tax, we offer affordable rates that have pleasantly surprised many of our clients.