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Your new-found path to financial success begins with a consultation at Flower City Tax in Rochester, NY.  Whatever your goal may be; whether it’s help preparing an individual tax return, business return, setting up payroll processing services, establishing a NYS Corporation, LLC, or LLP, or amending a self-prepared tax return.  We look forward to helping you take charge of your finances and tax concerns.

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Or, if you prefer not to make an appointment, you can drop off your tax papers at our office.  Use this link to complete and print the ‘Drop Off’ information and ‘Engagement Letter’ forms.  Include these forms with your tax papers. 

A preparer will review your information, call you with any questions, and complete your return.  We will contact you as soon as the return is finished and make arrangement for payment and pick up.

To schedule online, click the button below for online scheduling 24 hours a day. All new clients will need to register prior to booking online.

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On-line scheduling
New clients should register via phone at 585-663-8210. You may schedule your appointment at that time, or register then and schedule on-line at your convenience. We do this so that we can assess your time requirements and avoid spam registrations to this system.

Please be sure your email address and phone number are correct for your profile. Your appointment confirmation will be sent to that email address, and in case of last minute communication, we may need to contact you by phone.

When scheduling please do not leave 15 minute gaps in the schedule, as that will make it impossible to book another appointment in that timeframe, and we may call to move your appointment.

If you have any questions or problems using the online system, please call us at 585-663-8210.  If you can’t remember your password, use the Forgot Password link to create a new password.

Service Type

Tax Prep 30 Min
A 30 minute appointment is perfect for those of you that have a few W-2 forms, children, Earned Income Credit, a house, limited interest and dividends, Day Care Credit, Education Credit, Energy Credits.. Pretty much straightforward, normal stuff.

Tax Prep 45 Min
A 45 minute appointment is perfect for those of you that have small to medium sole-proprietorship DBA's, have received a 1099-MISC form for contract services, have 2 or fewer rental properties, in addition to the criteria for a 30 minute appointment.

Tax Prep 1 Hr.
A 1 hour appointment is suitable if you have a rather complicated business return, more than 3 rental properties, many stock transactions or a very complicated situation. Please call the office if you have additional concerns or questions regarding your situation.


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