Every year the government says it is simplifying taxes, but every year the tax laws continue to get more complicated.  Flower City Tax & Accounting is here to simplify your taxes.  With numerous choices to make when starting or expanding your business, we will help you make the right decisions for you.

Here are the most common options available in New York:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • General Partnership
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • C Corporation
  • S Corporation

The following services are included in our LLC/LLP and NYS Corporation packages:

  • All Department of State Filing Fees
  • S Corporation applications for IRS and NYS, if that is your entity selection
  • NYS Employer Registration Number application
  • Payroll Set-up consultation
  • Your Corporate or Limited Liability book and Embossing Seal
  • Limited Liability Company Tax Election
  • NYS Sales Tax Vendor Application

We work with businesses of every size and industry and can tailor a start-up strategy built around your goals and strengths.