It's understandable why so many are a bit hesitant when it comes to tax software.  There's always the fear of making a keystroke error, submitting duplicates, losing connection, and scores of other legitimate concerns.  Still, it's important to remember that the makers of today's most popular personal and small business tax programs, have factored these concerns into the design of current and future versions.

In fact, some of today's most dedicated and successful users of tax & accounting software are those who never knew the older versions, having been introduced to it within the past few years.  The point to be made here, is that managing your own taxes with software such as QuickBooks™ and others has never been more simple or user-friendly.

Regardless of whether you're looking to manage your family's taxes, or your company's taxes and reports, here are a few of the most popular features of today's tax management software.

Easily-Customized to Your Specific Needs

From home records management and tax return preparation, to bill payment and generating reports, the more universally-popular tax software programs walk you through the setup process, allowing you to tailor a plan that streamlines your tax preparation time, while ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and verification.

Exceptionally User-Friendly & Easy to Learn

Based on nearly two decades of well-deserving user feedback, today's tax software is now among the easiest to use, once properly trained.  Even those with limited computer knowledge or accounting experience, have reported that it has significantly improved the way they do their jobs.  Moreover, a wealth of tutorials are available online, including videos on using tax software, QuickBooks tutorials, and more.

Compatible with PC and Mac

It took some time to completely even out the balance, but for the most part, today's most popular tax & accounting software is available for both Mac and PC.  In fact, there is a wide variety of versions available to meet the specific requirements of your computer or operating system.  Again, there are many good videos online offering real user feedback, on how to decide which tax prep software is best for you, as well as tips, tricks and the like.

When it comes to learning accounting and tax software, trust us… there's really nothing to fear.  With proper setup and initial training from an experienced tax professional, you and your family or office will be reaping the benefits of improved proficiency  and cost reduction, through managing your own taxes. 

In you're in the Rochester NY area and thinking of going electronic, Flower City Tax has 25 years' experience helping businesses and families with the setup, training and support of accounting and tax management programs, including QuickBooks.  We invite you to learn more about how easy and affordable it can be to streamline your forms, report and tax records.