Many are familiar with the role that accountants and CPAs play in things like tax preparation, bookkeeping and other common accounting services.  However, the term Enrolled Agent might be one that many are new to.  In short, Enrolled Agents are the only federally-licensed tax professionals who specialize in all forms of taxation, while also having unlimited rights when representing taxpayers before the IRS.  Enrolled Agents are truly America's taxation specialists. But this is by no means a new categorization.

The program dates back to 1884, and was put in place to offer protection against what many considered to be unwarranted Civil War losses.  So why have you never heard of them?  Well, for starters, there are fewer than 50,000 practicing Enrolled Agents in the United States.  The qualification process is uniquely extensive; one which requires a significant amount of experience, certification and ongoing training to maintain status and knowledge of current tax laws.  Once enrolled, however, the Agent can then offer a host of services that few others can.

How an Enrolled Agent Can Help You

Here are just a few of the ways an Enrolled Agent can offer greater assistance when it comes to tax and representation services, as well as the qualifications which make them such a keen asset.

  • Enrolled agents are the only federally-licensed tax practitioners specializing in all forms of taxation, audit and representation services. Their practice is nationwide, and not by only a state they are licensed in, all of the USA!

  • Enrolled Agents have unlimited rights when it comes to representing those who go before the IRS, allowing for a greater range of solutions and services

  • Enrolled Agents are amply qualified to prepare taxes and represent individuals, estates, partnerships, corporations, trusts and others who file taxes.

  • All Enrolled Agents must pass an extensive 3 part exam, a thorough IRS background check, and ongoing education to ensure proficiency at all levels of taxation and Internal Revenue Code.

  • Due to the comprehensive and stringent requirements, Enrolled Agents are able to offer solutions that other tax professionals are unaware of or unauthorized to perform, like Offers in Compromise, Currently Not Collectible (CNC) Status, Installment Agreements and direct communication with the IRS on your behalf.

Contact an Enrolled Agent in Rochester

Valarie A. Hill EA,  president of Flower City Tax & Accounting, Inc in Rochester NY, is proud to have earned the Enrolled Agent title, making her one of the few in the WNY region to offer the tax preparation and representation services that come with it.  To learn more about how her expertise and unique certification can benefit you during tax preparation, IRS audits or other complex situations, feel free to reach out at 585-663-8210 or by email through